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Working principle of automatic belt cutting machine

2022-12-02 13:06:27 美工

The automatic belt cutting machine is mainly composed of four parts: microcomputer control, automatic feeding mechanism, belt feeding mechanism and cutting mechanism. The microcomputer controller is the control center used to collect the set value and send out various control signals. The automatic feeding mechanism is composed of a dependent support, an AC motor and a controller. The fixed support is used to fix the disc material and is driven by an AC motor. The controller is used to control the motor to complete the automatic feeding action The belt feeding mechanism is used to send the shearing material to the knife edge for cutting. It is composed of two rubber rollers. The upper roller is a driven roller, which can rotate and be fixed on the bracket. The bracket allows the pressure between the two rollers to be adjusted, and the lower roller is fixed on the frame, which is driven by a stepping motor to rotate; The pressure between the upper and lower rolls makes the material feed along with the rotation of the lower roll, so as to achieve the purpose of blinding quantitative belt feeding. The cutting mechanism is used to cut off materials. It consists of a driving mechanism and upper and lower blades. The upper blade is driven by a motor to complete the cutting action, which also serves as the basis for cutting counting. In this way, under the control of microcomputer controller, all departments coordinate their work, and the cutting system can automatically complete the belt cutting function under the condition of unmanned operation.