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Four methods to avoid terminal deformation in the design of connecting wire crimping

2022-12-05 14:22:54 美工

During the production of the connecting thread, the crimping quality of the terminals affects the overall quality of the harness, and terminal deformation is also a common undesirable problem, so how should this problem be coped with? Hereafter, we explain four methods to avoid the terminal deformation in the connection wire crimping design.

1、 The crimping parameters of the connecting wire are rationally designed, and the necessary gear is designed to prevent the terminal back and forth pitch,

2、 The crimping shape of the insulating site at the terminal of the connecting line is rationally designed to reduce the active space of the terminal within the sheath.

3、 Increasing the forward insertion rate of connected male terminals, trying to make the terminals operate on the sub-assembly table guarantees vertical insertion, while reducing extrusion deformation caused by the terminals' bundling, handling from aliquot to total assembly.

4. Adjusting the routing sequence of connecting lines can not guarantee the insertion rate of terminals, especially for terminals with smaller thickness and width. The terminal sheath terminals are arranged first, and such terminals distributed later are inserted into the sheath immediately.