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How to reduce the cost of automobile wire harness processing

2022-12-05 13:14:57 美工

In the processing of automobile wire harness, not only the quality problem but also the cost problem need to be considered. In view of the processing cost of automobile wire harness, the following mainly explains the methods to reduce the processing cost of automobile wire harness.

1、 We can use low price and equivalent performance automobile harness products to replace the old products. Although the replacement process is cumbersome and requires detailed inspection, it can effectively reduce the processing cost of automobile harness in the long run.

2、 Refine and optimize the design process of the vehicle harness, fully understand the vehicle electrical principle, and then divide the vehicle harness reasonably to reduce its processing cost.

3、 The use of automobile wire harness with stronger universality and continuity can not only reduce the development time of the whole vehicle wire harness, but also reduce the procurement time and mold opening cost of new parts in new projects, thus reducing its cost.