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Metal materials for automobile harness and cable

2022-12-06 13:16:56 美工

Automobile wires, also known as low-voltage wires, are different from ordinary household wires. Ordinary household wires are copper single core wires with certain hardness. Automobile wires are copper multi-core flexible wires, some of which are as thin as hair. Several or even dozens of flexible copper wires are wrapped in plastic insulated pipes (PVC), which are soft and not easy to break.


The requirements of automobile wire harness on materials are very strict: including its electrical performance, material emission, temperature resistance, etc., which are higher than those of general wire harness, especially those related to safety, such as direction control system, brake and other important components. The metal materials used for automobile harness cables are as follows:

Copper: its conductivity is second only to silver, and its thermal conductivity is second only to gold and silver; Anticorrosive, non-magnetic, good plasticity, easy to weld, and widely used. Copper alloy is mainly used to improve the wear resistance, corrosion resistance and mechanical and physical properties of copper.

Silver: metal has the highest conductivity and thermal conductivity, good corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance, and is easy to weld; Mainly used for plating and cladding; It is mainly used as high temperature resistant wire and (note: according to the skin effect principle) as high-frequency communication cable conductor.

Aluminum: second only to silver, copper and gold in conductivity; Good thermal conductivity, good corrosion resistance, average mechanical strength, good plasticity and small proportion. The disadvantage is that the tensile strength is low and it is not easy to weld. Aluminum alloy is mainly used to improve the mechanical strength, heat resistance and weldability of aluminum.

Gold, nickel: used as heat-resistant wire.

Iron (steel): often used as the reinforcing material of composite conductor, such as steel cored aluminum strand, copper clad steel, aluminum clad steel wire, etc.

Zinc: used as the coating of steel wire/steel strip/iron conductor to prevent corrosion.

Tin: used as the coating of steel wire/copper wire to prevent corrosion and facilitate the welding of copper wire.