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Selection of Wire Rod for Automobile Harness Cable

2022-12-06 13:19:32 美工

Generally, copper core PVC (QVR) and copper core PVC Buna-N composite insulated low voltage wire (QFR) are selected as automobile harness materials, while copper core heat-resistant 105 ℃ PVC (OVR-105) is applied to electrical appliances and instrument lines in high temperature areas of vehicles.

Color of harness: bus harness is intricate. In order to facilitate wiring and repair, it shall be able to distinguish the wire ends intuitively. The lines with the same diameter in the same bundle shall be distinguished in color as far as possible. The color of wire harness can be divided into monochrome or bicolor: bicolor consists of primary color and secondary color, and secondary color is composed of two axial straight bars, which are distributed symmetrically. The layout method is from primary color to secondary color, such as red green line (RG); The color and code of monochrome signs are red R, orange O, yellow Y, green G, brown N, blue U, purple P, black B, white W, and gray S.

As the main carrier of power transmission, wires and cables should pay attention to the following points when purchasing automobile harness cables: when purchasing wire and cable products, observe whether the product's certificate of conformity is fully marked with relevant information such as product model, specification, rated voltage, number of cores, production date, executive standard, license number, etc., and the physical surface of the product should be printed with the manufacturer's name, product model and continuity mark of rated voltage, Verify whether the information related to the two is consistent. The outer plastic skin of the wire is bright in color and fine in texture. Whether there are burrs or protrusions on the surface and whether the appearance is smooth, round and uniform in color. Electrolytic copper is used as the conductor. The outer layer is bright and slightly soft. Take a look at the cross-section of the cable. The copper (aluminum) core should be in the middle, and the thickness of the plastic layer should be uniform. There are length marks on the certificate. First, estimate the length of a circle of wire in the finished product package, then count the number of coils, and estimate the approximate length of the whole coil. In addition, pay attention to the diameter of the conductor, and look at the length and section of the cable. When selecting wire and cable products, it is better to consult an experienced professional electrician and use cables with appropriate section size and voltage grade according to their own electrical load.