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What happened to the broken label of the automatic labeling machine

2022-12-09 13:33:51 美工

Labeling machines are divided into semi-automatic labeling machines and full-automatic labeling machines. Enterprises with large production generally use full-automatic labeling machines, while semi-automatic labeling machines are mostly used in small factories with low production. During the production process, we will find that some labels may break.

What are the reasons for the broken label of the automatic labeling machine?

1. Quality problem of the label itself: the label machine cuts a scratch on the bottom paper of the self-adhesive label. When we carefully observe the backing paper, we will find a very neat cut. The solution to the problem is to reselect a new label suitable for this labeling machine. Label paper with high strength shall be selected.

2. Stripping the target plate too sharp: In addition to the label quality, peeling the target plate too sharp will directly cut the bottom paper. The solution is to apply for after-sales service or find someone to polish the stripping board until it is smoother.