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In which industries are labeling machines mainly used?

2022-12-09 13:44:18 美工

With the progress of the times, labeling machines can be seen everywhere in our life, because labeling machines can be used in many industries, so which industries are labeling machines in use? Let's take a look.

1. Food industry: Competition in food manufacturing industry is fierce. Various labels bring more space for manufacturers and merchants to publicize and promote. At the same time, they also pose new challenges for labeling machine design.

2. Beverage industry: Label application in beverage industry often requires high speed and precise positioning, and often several labels per bottle, together with frequent changes in label shape and material, the labeling machine requires high skills in position control.

3. Pharmaceutical industry: Pharmaceutical manufacturing industry is a major user of labeling, which requires high speed and accuracy. The design of labeling machine should consider the integration of labeling process before and after labeling, and provide additional functions such as labeling headlight inspection and automatic bottling holder after labeling.

4. Medical industry: Self-adhesive label are used more and more widely in medical supply manufacturing. Besides being used as markers, labels also provide other functional uses. The setting of labeling machine is also changed due to the specificity of labels.

5. Battery industry: Battery industry has widely used labeling machine for labeling shrinkage labels. The labeling machine can run at high speed while keeping the excuse of labels flat, taking into account the prevention of short circuit and the simultaneous provision of label shrinkage function.

But I believe that as labeling machines become more sophisticated, more and more industries will begin to use them.