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How to troubleshoot the failure of labeling machine

2022-12-09 13:57:10 美工

The labeling machine can give generous and beautiful labels to the goods, and improve the sales force of the goods. However, the labeling machine will also encounter problems such as failure to produce labels in its work. How should we check to quickly repair the machinery without affecting the operation?

1. First, detect the object detection electric eye. It may be that the object cannot be sensed, so there is no label. You need to set the value of the object detection electric eye from the beginning. Maybe the object detection electric eye is damaged, and you need to replace it;

2. Check whether the traction tissue is tightened;

3. Check whether the traction motor of the labeling machine is loose, disconnected or not working;

4. The transmission synchronous belt is cracked and needs to be replaced;

5. Or it is the problem of the label itself. The label is too thin and irregular to peel off;

6. The label stripping plate of the labeling machine is not sharp enough to strip the label.