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Processing requirements and functions of medical harness

2022-12-12 17:18:24 美工

The quality of the materials selected for processing in the process of the mechanism of the electronic wire has a certain impact on the quality of the medical harness used in the post processing. This impact is not due to the impact of the harness processing technology or processing technology, but caused by the bad harness materials selected by the harness manufacturer as required by the customer. Therefore, the quality of the wire and connector materials selected in the processing of the electronic wire is also a problem to be considered.

The processing of electronic wires consists of insulating sheaths, wires, binding materials and other components. Generally, the materials of sheaths include PBT, PA66, ABS, PA6, etc. During the design and processing of electronic wires, different connectors and wires should be selected according to the different uses of electronic wires required by each customer, including the binding materials. The binding of medical harness can effectively play the role of flame retardancy to a certain extent, prevent its interference, wear resistance and reduce its noise during use, and generally select appropriate binding materials according to the specific working environment and space size during use.

Electronic wire processing should be comprehensive and meticulous, and strict management is required in the process of use, so as to achieve good quality. We have a complete production process of wire harness and a strict quality assurance system. The terminals of the medical harness are mainly made of copper, including bronze and brass, in which brass occupies a larger proportion. In addition, different coatings shall be selected according to different requirements.