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2023 Shanghai International Wire Harness Processing Equipment Exhibition will be held on August 4

2022-12-12 17:19:00 美工

Wire harness is one of the fastest growing, most demanding and most convenient products for installation in today's electronic and information age industry. Wire harness is widely used in household appliances, communication equipment, computers and external equipment, as well as security, solar energy, aircraft, automobiles and military instruments and equipment. Industry insiders predict that the output of wire harnesses in China will reach about 138 billion sets in 2019, especially driven by policies and markets such as the launch of 4G, home appliances, cars to the countryside, and industrial informatization. And the market demand will continue to rise, which will strongly drive the demand for wire harness processing equipment, and spawn a number of wire harness equipment manufacturers with strong market competitiveness, so as to realize the stable and rapid effective development of the wire harness industry in China.

The wiring harness equipment and materials exhibition area, relying on the strong strength and industry accumulation of China Electrical Machinery Exhibition, will comprehensively display the wiring harness manufacturing industry chain, including winding equipment, terminal equipment and other professional equipment; Motors, transformers, relays, etc; Magnetic materials, insulating materials, wires, supports, etc; The exhibition area of wire harness equipment and materials takes the advantages of the exhibition to build a variety of communication channels for enterprises. Through the platform of the exhibition, it maintains and advances technology upgrading, independent innovation, and wire harness industry development.

The preparatory work for the 2023 Shanghai International Wire Harness Processing Equipment Exhibition has been launched in an all-round way. After years of industry accumulation and precipitation, the exhibition, promotion, exchange and cooperation opportunities have been built for wire harness industry projects. We sincerely invite professionals from all aspects of the wire harness processing and equipment industry chain at home and abroad to participate in the exhibition. We are looking forward to meeting with you at TCW 2023!