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Causes of terminal wire breakage

2022-12-13 14:48:53 美工

We often encounter some problems when operating the terminal machine. Today we will analyze what causes the terminal wire breakage. After studying the service condition of the terminal wire, it is found that the reasons for the terminal wire breakage are as follows.

1. Some of the structures used are unreasonable. The bending radius of the terminal wire connection is generally very small. In some harsh environments, the requirements will be greatly improved. If the structure is unreasonable, the terminal wire may also be broken. All shall be used correctly and reasonably.

2. The material properties of the insulation layer and sheath layer of the terminal wire are different from those of foreign materials. In terms of structure and material physical properties, there are many differences between the terminal wire and high-quality terminal wire, and the material is also different. When selecting materials, you must not be greedy for cheap, and use materials reasonably. The corresponding products used may also lead to terminal wire breakage due to inferior materials.

3. There will be differences in the processing technology in each place. At present, the processing level of terminal wires in the market is not complete and there is a big difference. Some small processing plants cannot reach the level of processing equipment, which will lead to the failure to guarantee the quality and the subsequent use of terminal wires.