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What are the connection methods of terminals?

2022-12-13 14:49:45 美工

The terminal machine is a machine used for wire processing. It can press the five gold heads to the wire ends, and then conduct. The terminals made by the terminal machine are usually used for more convenient connection. They can stably connect two wires together without welding. When removing, you just need to pull it out. It is a kind of wire end processing equipment, mainly used in electronic plants.

The terminals in the terminal strip are divided into crimp terminals, plug-in terminals and quick connect terminals (spring type terminal blocks) according to the wiring mode: generally, the wires need to be crimped terminals (such as copper and aluminum noses), and then screwed or pressed on the terminals with screws or bolts. Generally, the terminals with large current are used to ensure reliable connection. Plug terminal: generally strip a section of the wire insulation, insert the conductor directly into the terminal window, and then screw down the terminal with its own screws. Generally, it passes through the terminal with a current of less than tens of amperes. Quick connect terminal (spring terminal): as long as the wire insulation is stripped off for a section and the conductor is inserted into the terminal window, it will be locked automatically to complete the wiring. In addition, there are many types of terminal blocks.