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Analysis of common faults in engine wire harness

2022-12-14 14:59:04 美工

Fault analysis: wiring harness scorching

Wire harness scorching and ablation wiring harness scorching and ablation are one of the "most dangerous" failure modes of engine wiring harness, which can cause vehicle fire in serious cases. Engine wiring harness is scorched and ablated for a number of reasons.


There are 5 types of analysis:

1) Too close to the source of heat radiation results in fast aging of the wiring harness.

2) High temperature gas leaks around the wire harness. The ambient temperature of the wire harness exceeds the temperature range that the material can withstand.

3) The environment is relatively closed with little air convection. It mainly relies on radiation for heat dissipation, which leads to slow heat dissipation.

4) The overload of the circuit leads to intense heating of the conductor and burns out the external insulating sleeve.

5) The wire harness is not fixed and protected properly. Wire harness near heat sources such as engine, exhaust pipe and water pipe is often burnt or even scorched due to lack of fixing clips of wire harness, which makes electrical equipment not working properly.