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How does fully automated terminal machine pressure detection do?

2022-12-14 14:53:31 美工

The fully automatic terminal machine can carry out terminal crimping operation on harness, different terminals with different specifications, but the force of this crimping is different, and the system that needs to adjust the pressure is necessary, most importantly, to conduct a pressure check. We next come to understand how fully automated terminal machine pressure detection does.

The terminal crimp automatic management device has two kinds of pressure monitoring in single channel and pressure monitoring in dual channel. A dual channel pressure monitoring device is generally used in a two terminal pressure machine. Two pressure monitors can be attached to one host computer. The automatic terminal is equipped with a pressure management device, which can be used to detect defects in terminal crimping, such as cutting or encapsulating crimping.

Fully automatic terminal machine press management device there are two kinds of single channel pressure monitoring and dual channel pressure monitoring, the dual channel pressure monitoring device is generally used in the dual terminal press, a host computer can connect two kinds of pressure monitoring, the fully automatic terminal machine is equipped with pressure management device, to detect the undesirable products such as poor terminal press, cut or pack press. It is important to note that detecting pressure may use small pressure transmitters, and these are one of the important components for testing pressure!