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Terminal Machine Development Space

2022-12-14 14:55:51 美工

With the continuous development of R&D skills and production technology in today's society, traditional wiring methods have not kept up with the development of the times. The change of automatic terminal machine since it was put into the market has developed a new world for the development of automatic wiring harness processing equipment, which can effectively improve various troubles caused by traditional wiring methods and solve problems. Despite years of development, the full-automatic terminal operation market is saturated, but its development space is still large. In the next ten years, the development space of full-automatic terminal operation mainly includes the following four aspects:


  • The operation cluster effect of full-automatic terminal is still not high. In the next ten years, the operation will turn to the direction of clustering;

  • At present, there is still a big gap between the main components of domestic automatic terminal machine, such as bearings and other core components abroad. The core components are mainly imported, so the core components of automatic terminal machine will be an important direction for future development.

  • With the proposal of 2025 put forward by China's technology manufacturing, the overall R&D progress capability of domestic enterprises will be greatly improved.

  • With the continuous improvement of domestic enterprises' competitiveness, more and more enterprises begin to go abroad and go to the world.