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Functions required by harness processing equipment

2022-12-14 15:00:21 美工

1. Wire cutting: automatic wire cutting and stripping machine - wire diameter, wire cutting length and production quantity can be set as required; Full automatic cutting, peeling, semi peeling, middle peeling, twisting special functions; It can instantly change wire specifications and sizes

2. Wire cutting and crimping: full-automatic terminal machine/ultra silent terminal machine - automatic wire cutting, peeling, end crimping, and rear end half stripping combine the functions of the wire cutting machine and the terminal machine. Single and double end crimping, tin dipping, wire twisting and other functions can be set.

3. Twisting and peeling: Full automatic wire stripping and twisting machine/multi-function computerized wire cutter The equipment can set the wire size cutting, peeling, twisting and other functions by itself. The computer can set the two end peeling, single end peeling and half peeling, and can set multiple wires to be cut at the same time.

4. Pipe cutting: computer pipe cutting machine/microcomputer pipe cutting machine - the equipment adopts microcomputer numerical control device to set the strip cutting length with accurate accuracy, simple operation and low consumption.

5. Twisting machine: automatic twisting machine/automatic twisting terminal machine - the main parts of the equipment are imported components, which are stable in quality, durable, and easy to maintain. The twisting part will twist the previously cut wires, and the number of twisting turns can be adjusted by the computer;

6. Soldering: full-automatic soldering machine/automatic wire twisting soldering machine - equipment automatic wire feeding, wire cutting, double end peeling, double end wire twisting, double end soldering, and other functions can also be added.