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Hazards during operation of full-automatic terminal machine

2022-12-15 13:29:21 美工

As an operator of full-automatic terminal machine, it is not only necessary to ensure the quality of the products, but also need to care about the safety when operating the machine and equipment to prevent accidents. Especially for novices, they do not know how to use the machine, and they need to operate in strict accordance with the safety operation specifications of the fully automatic terminal machine. Otherwise, if the product quality is qualified, but the personnel damage is still a failure, we will introduce the dangerous points of the full-automatic terminal machine:

1. Power switch

No matter what electrical appliances, mechanical equipment, power supply and switches are, special attention should be paid to them, because they are related to electricity, and special attention should be paid to each power on.

2. Sharp parts

For example, the blades and some protruding parts of the terminal machine also need special attention. When replacing the tools, pay attention to safety. Discarded tools should also be kept properly and not be thrown about.

3. Rotating part

Automatic equipment is driven by motors in many places, and generally has a safe area. Especially when the machine is running, do not exceed this range.

4. High pressure gas

The terminal machine needs the air compressor to supply high-pressure gas, which is also a place for everyone to pay attention to. Although the high-pressure gas itself is not too dangerous, it is feared that some people may be accidentally frightened by the high-pressure gas, which may indirectly cause continuous dangerous actions.