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Difference between single terminal machine and double terminal machine

2022-12-15 13:35:53 美工

As the name implies, we can know the difference between the two machines in appearance. The double terminal machine sounds like it has one more head than the single terminal machine. In this way, the double terminal machine is certainly better than the single terminal machine, and the work efficiency must have advantages, but it is not the only advantage. Now let's take you to have a detailed understanding of these two types of terminal machines.

1: Single terminal machine

Only a single head can run the job, which is highly practical and easy to operate, as follows:

  • Soldering wire 90 ° vertical soldering, full soldering and spot welding are available, and soldering tin is uniform; The tin furnace heating tube is easy to replace, and can be taken out directly when cleaning is required, which is convenient for maintenance.

  • The equipment adopts high-precision ball screw, and the cutting accuracy can reach 0.01mm.

  • The whole process pressure monitoring and monitoring of automatic crimping, the alarm of poor crimping, the automatic screening and adoption, the CCD detection of terminal crimping profile, and the automatic discharge of defective products;

  • The insertion and extraction force of the rubber casing is monitored. The strength of the insertion and extraction force can be set according to the size of the wire, and the defective products are automatically discharged;

  • The rubber case insertion machine adopts a computer operation interface, which can automatically detect the terminal drawing force and issue an analysis report on the terminal drawing force curve; Equipped with an ultra-high definition vision system, it can realize real-time image display, comparison and analysis of products. When the crimping is defective, it will give an alarm and automatically screen out the defective products. This design greatly saves labor costs, ensures product quality, and improves production efficiency.

2: Double terminal machine

Various terminals can be crimped, with more types of adaptability and operation, and higher work efficiency, as shown in:

  • Full automatic double head wire cutting, peeling, end striking, and rear end half peeling combine the functions of wire cutting machine and terminal machine, with high precision, fast speed, and stable performance.

  • LCD, Chinese interface is high and clear, easy to operate.

  • The whole machine adopts servo control, with high speed and low noise.

  • Computer touch digital debugging parameters, simple and fast.

  • The detection function is complete, and the wire rod, end striking, air pressure and other abnormal machines automatically alarm.

  • The design is novel. The OTP straight die, horizontal die and blade are simply replaced. The terminal waste paper is automatically received and the terminal waste is cut off.