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Optional functions and functional characteristics of sheathed terminal machine

2022-12-20 13:35:58 美工

The full servo control of the sheathed terminal machine effectively reduces the large-span cooperation of various mechanisms in the traditional operation process, reduces the running-in of the mechanical transmission, and greatly reduces the unstable factors. The following is an introduction to the optional functions and functional characteristics of the sheathed terminal machine.


 Optional functions of sheathed terminal machine:

  • If there is a very high requirement for machining accuracy, the terminal machine can be replaced with a more stable casting terminal machine, and the cutter motor can also be replaced with a servo motor.

  • A pressure monitoring system can be installed to monitor the pressure of each terminal in real time. When the pressure is abnormal, it will automatically stop and give an alarm.

  • The vibrating plate can be customized for bulk terminals to realize automatic feeding of bulk terminals.

  • When processing long lines (generally, the total length is greater than 800mm), the conveyor belt can be customized according to the needs, and the casting terminal machine must be used when customizing the conveyor belt.

Functional characteristics of sheathed terminal machine:

Features of the sheath-through terminal machine: double-head automatic terminal machine, and can automatically wear the rubber shell sheath, which greatly improves the processing efficiency of terminal-wearing sheath! Users can choose the function of single-end sheathing or double-end sheathing according to needs, and the sheath rubber shell is automatically fed through the vibrating plate.

When processing long wires, an automatic wire take-up conveyor belt can be selected to ensure that the wires can be placed straight and neatly into the receiving tray after processing. It can also be equipped with a terminal pressure real-time management system. When the pressure is abnormal, it can automatically alarm and shut down, so it can guarantee 100% yield rate.