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Safety matters when using sheath terminal machine

2022-12-20 13:44:28 美工

Workers who use the terminal machine for the first time must operate it under the guidance of experienced personnel, and it is strictly forbidden for those who do not understand the operation to operate the terminal machine in private.

When using the terminal machine for the first time, you must be familiar with the instructions of the terminal machine. Familiar with the specific procedures for using the terminal machine.

The sheath terminal machine shall be installed by designated personnel. Before installing the knife, you must carefully check whether the selected blade is matched, and the blade must be installed correctly. After the knife is loaded, a manual test must be performed. First of all, turn off the power of the sheathed terminal machine, press the adjustment button, and shake the main and driven wheels with a special wrench to make the punching stroke of the sheathed terminal machine larger. If it does not move manually, consider whether it is due to excessive pressure or other problems, and check that the debugging is good. Before operation, check each locking screw to make sure there is no looseness.

When replacing terminals, the sheath terminal machine must first cut off the power supply before performing the replacement operation, and replacement is strictly prohibited when the machine is running.

 After the production is completed, sort out the products and waste products, and clean up the environment around the machine. Make sure that there will be no safety accidents when using the sheath terminal machine next time.

As a kind of machine for wire processing, sheathed terminal machine plays an important role in the electric power industry.

The sheath terminal machine can press the metal head to the end of the wire, and then wire. The terminals of the sheath terminal machine are usually used for wiring harness connections. When crimping, the two wires can be connected stably, and only need to be pulled out when disassembling. It greatly facilitates our use and reduces unnecessary waste. Be very careful when using the sheath terminal machine to avoid unnecessary injury.