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Common problems of automatic winding machine

2022-12-21 13:52:24 美工

The full-automatic winding machine produces electromagnetic coils with various specifications and models of coil inductance, and the whole machine has surrounding electromagnetic coils and fixed electromagnetic coils. The main reference should be set, and the coiling support force and wire installation method should be adjusted in order to coil more beautiful solenoid coil products. The automatic winding machine may encounter problems in the whole process of operation, such as the following conditions;


1. The precision of solenoid coil wire is not enough. When such a situation occurs, first judge whether the problem occurs during normal operation or during equipment replacement and adjustment. In the former case, it may be caused by hardware configuration problems. In the latter case, it is generally a setting problem. The hardware configuration problem may be caused by the looseness of the fixture tooling and the looseness of the screw of the winding structure, which causes the common fault of winding.

2. The position of the main shaft bearing block is not accurate enough, which is also a common condition of the fully automatic winding machine. It is mainly caused by the brake system problems. In addition, it is closely related to the setting of the braking system time. If the setting time is not enough, the precision positioning of the spindle bearing will be wrong.

3. The electromagnetic coil of the winding machine is not accurate, or the total number of the winding machine has errors, mainly because of the inductor or control board problems, which make it impossible for the winding machine to work normally. The winding machine manufacturer must repair it.

4. Abnormal noise is heard during the whole operation of the automatic winding machine. The difference of noise is used to distinguish whether the winding machine has abnormal problems, which must be judged by professional technicians. During the operation period of the fully automatic winding machine, the operator's body shall not be close to the rotating components during the operation of the winding machine. If it is necessary to adjust the equipment, the operation of the machinery and equipment shall be terminated first.