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What are the advantages of the circular winding machine?

2022-12-21 13:53:49 美工

The circular winding machine is composed of three parts: head, clamp and base. Unlike the flat winding machine, the same head can only be used for products with different wire diameters and different inner diameters after the storage rings of different specifications are replaced. At the same time, the clamp also has a corresponding clamping range. Generally, the following consumable parts on the circular winding machine need to be replaced frequently:

(1) Wire storage ring, also known as steel ring, is one of the most important parts on the machine head, which is used to complete wire storage and winding; Its quality directly affects the service life, indirect cost and the quality of wound products.

(2) Support wheels, also called guide wheels, have different numbers for different machine heads, and their materials are directly related to their service life.

(3) The service life of the jig roller is related to the wire diameter, size and material of the wound product.

(4) Belt, side slider and other consumable parts. In general, the circular winding machine not only produces products completely different from the flat winding machine, but also increases the consumption cost of its entire life cycle. Once the flat winder is purchased, it generally only costs to make different tools. After the annular winder is purchased, different storage rings and support wheels need to be replaced according to the different wire diameters and sizes of the products. Since the copper wire always slides out of the storage ring, the storage ring is not evenly stressed, and it is necessary to replace the storage ring and support wheel after a certain period of time to continue production! However, the added value of the ring coil is much higher than that of the ordinary winding machine. If the customer needs, he can afford to buy a ring winding machine at this cost. This equipment is controlled by advanced computer CNC system and coordinated with stepping motor to arrange wires synchronously. It is applicable to the winding production of circular magnetic rings and circular iron core transformers with various middle diameters. It can store 0~999 different products.

Functions and features:

  • The storage line length can be set.

  • Editable according to product parameters (inner diameter, outer diameter, height, wire diameter, turns).

  • The winding speed can be set.

  • There are two winding modes: clockwise and anticlockwise, angle winding.

  • It is easy to operate and has power failure protection function.

  • The annular belt type models can be divided into large, medium and small ones, depending on the customer's product range, and special products can be customized.