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Category of servo harness

2022-12-21 15:17:10 美工

The servo harness is specially used to connect various components in the servo system to provide power control for the servo motor. It has excellent high frequency response characteristics, low heat loss in high frequency response, and ensures signal attenuation. Less delay greatly improves the working efficiency of the servo motor. Because the encoder voltage of the servo motor is very low, a shielding layer is required to resist various electromagnetic interference to protect its signal from interference.


AC servo harness has a series of unique characteristics, such as high flexibility, abrasion resistance, tensile strength, acid and alkali resistance, bending resistance, compressive strength, torsion resistance, anti-interference, aging resistance, etc. It can use the special cable for servo motor and the operation application of AC servo motor as the connection and operation servo control system, greatly improving the working efficiency of AC servo motor (operation motor, implementation motor).

The real connection point means the AC servo harness means the computer connection line. Only this is a special type of servo motor, which is not easy to break and shields external signal interference.

Servo harness type

The servo harness is generally divided into two groups of lines, one is the two power supplies supplied by the motor, and the other is the servo motor encoder signal line. The types of servo cable harness are as follows:

Servo power wire

High strength bending tinned copper wire shielding braid is used to effectively prevent signal loss and electromagnetic interference, with excellent transmission performance. The outer sheath is made of wear-resistant and soft TPU material, and the insulation material is resistant to high temperature of 90 ℃, more resistant to bending, and will not cause cable deformation during long-term operation.

Servo signal wire

Servo signal wire, also known as servo encoder wire, is used as a special harness for coding signal transmission and feedback under the servo system. World Craftsman professional encoder harness manufacturers provide choices and design highly flexible encoder applications for you according to your requirements.

Servo holding brake wire

Servo brakewire, also known as servo brake wire, is used to control the emergency stop of cables and drivers. When the driver supplies power to the motor, the brake wire of the servo driver and the servo brake wire will automatically power off in case of emergency, playing a protective role.

AC servo harness is only the most basic equipment, which can make the servo motor driver and motor operate normally. If you need to improve other equipment, such as computer or other mechanical equipment, you must add network cables and other relative mechanical equipment cables.