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Key management points of crimping operation during wire harness processing

2022-12-22 15:24:08 美工

1. Confirm the terminal machine

Be sure to read the instructions carefully before processing the harness.

2. Wire stripping operation of wire sheath

The stripping length of wire skin is affected by the type of wire, crimping method, etc. Please set the optimal length according to the processing state. After the correct length is set according to the terminal used, use the wire stripping mechanism to strip the skin, and be careful not to damage the core wire.

3. Crimping height

Crimping height is an important management item in crimping processing. Inappropriate crimping height may lead to poor continuity, etc. Therefore, be sure to measure the crimping height at the beginning, during and after the crimping operation.

4. Crimping appearance

In order to confirm that the crimping operation is correct, please conduct visual inspection.