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How to ensure the quality of harness processing by harness manufacturers

2022-12-22 15:35:32 美工

1、 Harness processing details determine harness quality

  • Control the time of wire soldering:For wire stripping and cutting, carefully observe whether the wire rods stripped by the wire harness processing equipment are not clean, the peeling mouth is not complete, whether the copper wires are damaged, whether the skin is scratched, whether the wire rods have obvious twists and turns, and the length is different, etc. If the wire rods are not stripped well, the subsequent terminal effect will be affected. After wire stripping, once the wire is stained with tin, PVC may be heated back if it is heated for too long. Therefore, the soldering time should not be too long, and the soldering tin should be uniform and completely covered.

  • Ensure sufficient tension after crimping:If the tension cannot be reached after crimping, check whether the crimping range of terminal and wire conductor is suitable; Whether the material and structure design of the die blade are reasonable; Whether the material of the terminal is up to standard, etc. The quality of a wire harness processing equipment mainly depends on the effect of its crimping terminals. If the crimping terminals are crooked, or not pressed on the copper wire, or the crimping interface is loose, it will directly affect the quality of your products.


2、 Harness processing and detection process to ensure harness quality

  • The wire laying processing manufacturer said that in the production process, each link needs to have a standard detection process. Manual detection plus machine detection. Only by doing a good job of quality detection in each link, can the quality of the production and processing harness be guaranteed.

  • The finished product line needs to be tested for swing, hoisting and conductivity.