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How to select the stripping blade of the automatic terminal machine?

2022-12-22 16:54:55 美工

Because the automatic terminal machine needs a blade to cut the harness, the blade is a consumable. The frequency of blade replacement will increase in proportion to the quality and quantity of blades produced. As a harness manufacturer, it will face the problem of wholesale full-automatic terminal machine blades and accessories:


1. Choose a better quality blade

Choose a big brand with a higher price. If the quality of the blade is poor, it will not only affect the quality of the harness, but also affect the production efficiency and increase the production cost due to the increase in the replacement frequency of the blade.

2. Don't buy too much at a time

Do not buy too many terminal blades at a time, but stock them according to the use of the factory, because the metal objects will rust if they are stored improperly or for too long, which will affect the quality of production.

3. Long term cooperation with fixed terminal machine blade manufacturers

Why emphasize this point? The quality of the blade is directly related to the production of the harness, because the blade can not only cut the harness, but also cut different types of notches and crimp different terminals. Therefore, once a suitable blade manufacturer with good quality is found, it should not be replaced easily, because replacing the blade may mean the fluctuation of harness quality.