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Operation process of wire stripping machine

2022-12-23 16:46:04 美工

Wire stripping machine is the most popular machine in the mechanical industry, including automatic coaxial wire stripping machine, semi-automatic coaxial wire stripping machine, computer wire stripping machine, laser wire stripping machine, etc. What is the operation process of wire stripping machine?

  • Before starting the machine, carefully check its accessories, and start the machine if there is no problem.

  • The wire shall be prepared in place, and the tensioning wheel shall be adjusted to prevent deformation of the wire. The wire shall be transported smoothly.

  •  Press the power switch, adjust the tool position, input the wire length and stripping length, and then install the wire to check whether the machine running speed is normal. After everything is OK, press the Start key to start the machine.

  •  After several pieces are cut, check whether the product quality meets the process requirements. If yes, the wire stripper shall be started normally to continue production, otherwise adjustment shall be made.

  • If it is necessary to stop midway, press the stop button. In case of safety emergency, press the emergency stop button.

  •  In case of any abnormality in the production process, the machine shall be shut down and powered off immediately, and professional maintenance personnel shall handle it.