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Operating instructions for different types of wire stripping machines

2022-12-23 16:55:18 美工

The wire stripper reflects the progress of modern science and technology, reduces the complexity of traditional manual line processing, not only greatly improves the work efficiency, but also is more successful than traditional processing. Now we will introduce the operating instructions of various types of wire stripping machines.

Semi automatic coaxial cable stripping machine

Operation mode: turn on the power first, and set the parameters (wire length, peeling length, total number, fixed number, speed, etc.) according to the processing requirements. Push the wire to be processed through the fool proof processor on the tool holder cover into the blade closing mouth, the sensor will automatically send a command to the wire clamping device, automatically clamp the cable, the wire stripping cutter head starts to rotate and strip the wire, and then take out the wire after the wire stripping is completed.

Full automatic coaxial cable stripping machine

Operation mode: first check whether the power supply is turned on, then put the wire conveyed by the wire feeder into the wire, and then according to the feeding command on the screen, the wire will be conveyed to the rotary tool holder through the straight wheel for the first ring cutting, and then the wire will be conveyed to the feed nozzle through the incoming line bearing, to the V-shaped tool holder, and the wire stripping process will begin. After wire stripping, the wire stripping wheel bearing sends the wire harness out through the outlet.