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Features of the filter in the full-automatic tin dipping terminal machine

2022-12-29 15:30:43 美工

1. The filter of the full-automatic tin dipping terminal machine adopts multiple filter cartridges for filtering, with large effective filtering area and small pressure loss. The designed filtering area is several times of the inlet and outlet area.

2. The filter is easy to maintain, and the maintenance hole is set for convenient loading and unloading.

3. Adopt multiple filter cartridges to filter, clean the structure one by one, and supply water continuously.

4. The specified parameters can be set according to user requirements.

5. The control system of the full-automatic tin dipping terminal machine is advanced with high precision, and the working mode and working state can be adjusted according to different water quality.

6. The differential pressure/time can be controlled at the same time or separately, which can be selected according to the actual working conditions and needs. The automatic operation can be realized, and the manual/automatic transfer switch can be set at the same time. The control mode can be set in advance, and the gas can be interlocked.

7. The backwash filter has the functions of operating state output, fault alarm output, etc., to ensure that the equipment can be used under safe and reliable conditions.