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Advantages of automatic soldering machine

2022-12-29 15:42:01 美工

Automatic soldering machine, as its name implies, is an automatic soldering equipment. Because of the low efficiency and poor quality of manual soldering, there is an automatic soldering machine. Compared with traditional manual soldering, automatic soldering machine has more advantages. Since the appearance of automatic soldering machine, customers who need soldering will basically choose automatic soldering machine. What are the advantages of automatic soldering machine?

1. High reliability: The automatic soldering machine can solder by adjusting the time, pressure, power, temperature and arc to ensure that each solder joint can achieve the ideal soldering effect.

2. Cost saving: effectively save labor costs. One person can operate multiple automatic soldering machines, which can greatly improve the quality of product welding.

3. Low energy consumption: Many customers misunderstand the automatic soldering machine and think that the automatic soldering machine consumes more energy than the semi-automatic soldering machine, but this is not the case. The energy required by the automatic soldering machine is equivalent to that required by the ordinary manual soldering machine.

4. Long service life: the automatic soldering machine is a finished part with high configuration, which has excellent wear resistance, is easy to install, and can effectively extend the service life of the machine.

5. High efficiency: the soldering speed is several times that of the traditional semi-automatic soldering machine, which can replace 3-5 workers.

6. Multiple types: There are many types of automatic soldering machines, including small soldering machines, cabinet soldering machines and assembly line soldering machines. Each type of automatic soldering machine has strong adaptability and is used in assembly line soldering machines of many electronic factories.

7. It has good solder conductivity: its resistance coefficient is very low or close to zero, so it is better used in the electronic commodity production industry.

8. The requirements for the metal surface of solder are low: the solder can be oxidized or electroplated, and diversified solder can be used.

9. Short soldering time: no flux, gas or solder is needed, saving time and improving soldering efficiency.

10. Non sparking: The automatic soldering machine is equipped with a smoking device, which is environmentally friendly and healthy.

The above is an introduction to the ten advantages of automatic soldering machine.