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What are the speed regulation methods of the cutting,winding and bundling machine?

2022-12-30 14:07:47 美工

The wire cutting,winding and bundling machine is to wind the wire harness onto a machine with a specific workpiece. In order to adapt to the processing technology of wire coils, the wire cutting winding and bundling machine needs to be equipped with the spindle speed regulating function. The configuration of the winding equipment is different according to the different processing types. The spindle motors we are familiar with include AC motor, DC motor and servo drive motor. The speed regulation methods used by these motors have their own characteristics. The following is about the speed regulation methods of various equipment in combination with the wire cutting ,winding and bundling machine:


1、 Speed regulation mode of AC motor: This type of motor has no speed regulation function itself. It needs to achieve speed regulation function through electromagnetic speed regulation device or by installing frequency converter. In the wire cutting , winding and bundling machine, we often use frequency converter speed regulation mode. The motor has speed regulation function by controlling the frequency converter through the control system of the winding equipment. This mode also has a certain energy-saving effect.

2、 Speed regulation mode of servo drive motor: it is a precision moving part suitable for high-precision winding equipment. It is used together with a special driver to achieve closed-loop operation control. This type of motor is characterized by constant torque and closed-loop operation, which is used to meet the processing requirements of high-precision coils.

3、 Speed regulation mode of DC motor: DC motor needs to convert the power supply into DC to drive the motor. Therefore, DC motors are equipped with DC speed regulation board or brushless driver to drive and control the motor. Due to the small size of the motor, it is widely used in small wire cutting, winding and bundling machines.