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Introduction to the maintenance of pneumatic thread cutting machine Maintenance contents of pneumatic thread cutting machine

2022-12-30 14:21:44 美工

1. The pneumatic thread cutting machine shall be wiped and kept clean frequently to avoid dust entering the parts and blocking the parts.

2. After each use, check whether the plugs, screws and other parts of the thread cutting machine fall off or become loose. The loose and fallen parts should be re twisted in time to avoid parts loss.

3. Before use, check whether the plug cable is damaged or leaked to avoid potential safety hazards during operation.


4. Clean the rotating wheel before and after use, and check whether the rotating wheel is in good condition. Check whether the rotation is smooth. If the rotation is not smooth, apply lubricating oil to the runner.

5. Before use, check whether there are sundries on the belt and motor of the pneumatic wire cutter, and keep the motor and belt clean. Prevent sundries from being put into the belt or motor, which may cause the failure of the thread cutting machine. Besides, the belt shall not be stained with oil, otherwise the belt will slip.