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Application advantages of automatic single terminal machine

2022-12-30 14:25:45 美工

With the continuous expansion of the application scope of single terminal machine, its market demand is also increasing, and more and more enterprises produce full-automatic single terminal machine. The terminal machine can be used for automatic wire stripping, which can also improve work efficiency. At the same time, it can reduce manual labor, avoid waste of human resources, and create more wealth for enterprises

Now let's talk about the advantages of the automatic single terminal machine:

  • Advanced production efficiency of terminal machine: because all operating mechanisms are integrated in a straight line, the production time of a single electronic line is reduced, and the production capacity is surprisingly doubled compared with traditional models, reaching 5000 pieces/hour (within 100 long).

  • The advanced structure design of the terminal machine: break the traditional automatic work flow layout, and integrate the cutting, peeling, end striking and twisting height in a straight line. That is to say, it is completed in a single process, and it is not necessary to operate separately in stages.

  • The terminal machine has stable structure and low use cost: because the same service control effectively reduces the large span cooperation of various mechanisms in the traditional operation process, the running in of mechanical transmission is reduced, and the unstable factors are greatly reduced.

When using the full-automatic single terminal machine, you must follow the correct steps. In the process of work, if there is any abnormal situation, the staff should not panic. The first reaction is to cut off the power supply, and then ask professional maintenance personnel to check and repair. The repair personnel must be professional, and ordinary people are not allowed to dismantle the automatic terminal machine at will, because the internal parts of this mechanical equipment are very fine, it may be impossible to install it back after disassembly.

Some parts of the full-automatic single head terminal machine are very sharp, especially the automatic stripping position. Never approach these parts until the power is cut off. After each work is completed, the power should be cut off before leaving the job. When a batch of terminals need to be replaced after processing, they must be powered off first and then replaced. Live replacement is not allowed to save time. If any wire is stuck in the knife die during work, special tools shall be used to clear the wire before continuing to work.