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Operation precautions of semi-automatic soldering machine

2022-12-30 14:28:46 美工

In recent years, led by the general trend of industrial production automation, semi-automatic soldering machines are widely used in photoelectric products, household appliances, large mechanical products and other industries because of their high accuracy, flexibility, high temperature resistance, anti-static and other excellent characteristics. However, few people pay attention to the precautions for using the semi-automatic soldering machine. In order to help customers popularize more common knowledge, the following are briefly introduced:

1、 Requirements for tin points

Soldering operators need to have a deep understanding of the requirements of solder joints to better use the semi-automatic soldering machine. For example, in order to avoid false soldering during welding, the adjustment and use of solder joints should be standardized, and the solder joints should be smooth, round and shiny.

2、 Use of soldering head

When the soldering head of the semi-automatic soldering machine is used for the first time, the temperature must be adjusted to the specified temperature to ensure that the tin part can fully eat the tin. A better choice is to soak the tip of the semi-automatic soldering machine in the tin strip for a few minutes, wipe it with a cleaning sponge, and then raise the temperature based on the original temperature, and repeat the above steps. Finally, adjust the temperature to the required temperature for operation, which aims to form an effective protective film on the tin discharge layer of the soldering iron head to prevent the semi-automatic soldering machine from being oxidized at high temperatures, resulting in heat conduction failure.

3、 Sanitary cleaning matters

In addition to the precautions before and during the use of the semi-automatic soldering machine, attention should also be paid to the cleaning after use. First of all, the soldering head should be cleaned regularly with a damp and high temperature sponge to avoid the occurrence of black oxide on the tin plated part of the soldering head of the semi-automatic soldering machine, which will affect the use efficiency if accumulated for a long time. Secondly, after the operation, the surrounding environment should be cleaned and the soldering machine should be properly wiped.

The above are some simple precautions for the use of semi-automatic soldering machine. In addition, some common sense such as checking the power supply, operating carefully, and turning off the power supply in a timely manner will not be explained. The customer should also pay attention to them and not neglect any precautions. At the same time, in the case of multiple models of semi-automatic soldering machine, customers can improve their knowledge according to the corresponding models and corresponding instructions, so as to achieve a better use experience.