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Brief description: production process of automobile wire harness

2023-01-03 17:05:08 美工

1.Harness design process:After the two-dimensional product drawings of wire harnesses are produced, the production process data for making wire harnesses shall be compiled, including the preparation of the detailed list of material consumption quota and the calculation of working hours.

2.Wire cutting process: the first station for harness production is to cut all kinds of wires to the required length. The accuracy of wire cutting process is directly related to the entire production progress. Once there is an error, especially the tangent size is too short, it will lead to rework of all stations, which takes time and effort to affect the production efficiency.


3.Main equipment: wire shearing and stripping machine, wire cutting machine, stripping machine, twisting machine.

4.Crimping process: the crimping parameters shall be determined according to the terminal types required in the drawings, and the terminals shall be crimped to the wires. For special requirements, such as: some wires need to pass through the sheath before crimping, and it needs to pre install the wires first and then return from the pre installation station before crimping; and piercing crimping uses special crimping tools, which has good electrical contact performance.


5.Main equipment: semi-automatic crimping machine, full-automatic crimping machine (including wire opening process), crimping die, tensile testing machine, terminal profile detection platform.

6.Pre assembly process: install connectors, etc. to form a small branch line. In order to improve the efficiency of general assembly, the complex wire harnesses should be equipped with pre assembly stations. The rationality of the pre assembly process directly affects the efficiency of general assembly and reflects the technical level of a technologist.

7.Main equipment: pre installed workbench, automatic wire harness connector.

8.General assembly process: according to the assembly platform designed by the product development department, various small strands are assembled on the large tooling plate, wrapped with tape, and various protective parts (corrugated pipes, protective supports, etc.) are installed.

9.Main equipment: assembly line and tooling plate.

10.Test process: check whether each circuit is unblocked on the special detection board, appearance detection, grommet waterproof detection and other main equipment: continuity detection platform.

The production process of the wire harness includes cutting, crimping, preassembly, final assembly, inspection, electrical test, packaging and transportation.