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Classification of Soldering Machines

2023-01-04 16:04:11 美工

Soldering machine is a kind of soldering  equipment. Its principle is to choose mechanical automation equipment to replace manual welding, so as to further improve work efficiency and welding quality. Soldering machine can be divided into two types according to soldering process, automatic soldering machine and laser automatic soldering machine

Automatic soldering machine is an automatic soldering machine with automatic technology, which mainly performs welding according to the movement function of the mechanical arm. The key part of the automatic soldering machine is the soldering system software. The key components of the system are automatic tin feeding mechanism, temperature control, heater and solder head.

Full automatic tin feeding system software: just lightly step on the button switch, the tin wire will be fully automatic, constant speed, quantitative analysis into the solder head temperature. The manual digital display temperature setting is clear at a glance, and the automatic temperature control operation mode is adopted. It is suitable for welding and connecting various electronic connectors, LED light strings, video aux cable power plugs, mobile phone headset cables, computer data cables, small and medium-sized pcb circuit boards, small and medium-sized electronic components in the middle of automobile wire harnesses, etc.

Automatic laser soldering machine is a kind of laser soldering based on optical fiber transmission. The outlet is installed above the inlet and outlet of the welding ball, and the annular cavity is provided with a channel for high-pressure gas to enter. Melt the welding ball with a laser, and then drop high-pressure steam on the melted welding ball to ensure that the melted solder is not easy to be oxidized. The welding precision is high, and the welding effect is very good, especially for the solder with high precision.

Automatic laser soldering machine system software: it only heats part of the connection position, without thermal damage to the electronic components. The heating rate and cooling rate are faster, and the joint mechanism is exquisite and reliable. Non contact heating can be carried out according to different heating standards of electronic device wires to obtain stable connector quality.