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Crimping standard of electronic connecting wire

2023-01-05 14:10:54 美工

The connecting lines for data and signal transmission in household appliances, electrical equipment, ATM machines and other products in daily life are collectively referred to as terminal connecting lines. The connecting lines are more convenient and fast, greatly reducing the volume of electronic products, reducing production costs, and improving production efficiency. They are suitable for mobile parts and main boards, and between PCBs and PCBs. It can be seen that the importance of terminal connecting wire in products, and the quality of terminal crimping directly affects the use of connecting wire in products.

The terminal crimping mainly controls the height, width and core wire leakage size. How to define the height and width of the terminal?

1、 Terminal crimping height

The terminal crimping height refers to the distance from the top to the bottom of the base after the terminal crimping. Usually, the crimping height of the terminal is determined by the customer's requirements, while the actual height is determined by the pressure of the terminal crimping machine. If the pressure is large, the height is low, and if the pressure is small, the height is high. If the pressure is too large during crimping, the terminal will break due to excessive stress. If the pressure is too small during crimping, the crimping gap will be caused, resulting in unqualified terminals.

2、 Terminal crimping width

Generally, the terminal crimping width is provided by the customer, while the actual width is determined by the blade. If the blade is opened too wide, it will cause the terminal to contact the bottom during crimping, resulting in disqualification. If the blade is too narrow, the terminal material will break due to excessive stress during crimping.

3、 Terminal crimping operation standard

  • Terminal fitting area - no crushing, damage, distortion or deformation.

  • Fragments - no deformation or fracture.

  • Core wire observation window - the core wire of the wire must be visible, and the exposed range of the core wire is 0.2-1.0mm.

  • Core crimping part - must be completely closed and contain all core wires, and the insulation sheath cannot be seen.

  • Bell mouth - the rear bell mouth must be visible, and the optimal size range is 0.1-0.4mm.

  • Insulating skin observation window - the core wire and insulating skin must be visible at the same time.

  • The pressing part of insulating skin must be riveted tightly, and the wire cannot be moved.

  • Material belt - the size range of front material belt is 0-0.3mm, and the size range of rear material belt is 0-0.5mm.