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Classification of automobile wire harness

2023-01-05 14:14:02 美工

The automobile harness is the network main body of the automobile circuit, connecting the electric and electronic components of the automobile and making them function. Whether it is an advanced luxury car or an economical ordinary car, the form of wire harness is the same, mainly composed of wires, connectors and wrapping tape. It should not only ensure the transmission of electrical signals, but also ensure the reliability of the connection circuit, supply the specified current value to the electronic and electrical components, prevent electromagnetic interference to the surrounding circuit, and eliminate electrical short circuit. In terms of functions, the automobile harness can be divided into two types: the power wire to carry the power of the driving actuator (actuator) and the signal wire to transmit the input command of the sensor, the power control wire and the data transmission wire.


There are many data transmission wires in the processing of automobile wire harness, and the common transmission wires are as follows:

  • Engine harness, connecting various sensors and actuators on the engine, around the engine.

  • The instrument panel harness is connected with the body or chassis harness, and runs along the pipe beam to connect various electrical components on the instrument panel, such as the combination instrument, air conditioner switch, radio player, cigarette lighter, etc.

  • The body harness generally runs from the left side of the cab to the floor, connecting the mailbox sensor and the rear tail lamp.

  • Door harness, connect all electrical parts on the inner door panel, such as central lock, window regulator, loudspeaker, etc.

  • The front wall harness comes from the cab and connects the electrical parts of the front wall such as the side turn signal lamp, front combination lamp, horn, electronic fan, etc. along the fender and front bumper frame.

Conventional automotive wire harness products have the characteristics of heat resistance, oil resistance, cold resistance, etc; At the same time, it is flexible, used for internal connection of cars, and can adapt to use in high mechanical strength and high temperature environment. In addition, with the development of intelligence, cars are no longer a row of sofas on top of an engine. Cars are not only vehicles, but also a complex computer. They have the function of connecting everything from office to entertainment. Therefore, car harnesses require higher electrical performance and more quantities of wire rods.