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Selection of Components for Automobile Harness

2023-01-05 14:17:07 美工

The automobile harness is the assembly of the power and signal transmission and distribution system. It transmits the driving signal required by the automobile through the harness. The signal is converted into current and transmitted to other equipment in the vehicle. The automobile harness is mainly composed of wires, terminals, connectors and sheaths. It is the bridge and link for the work of on-board components. The vehicle electrical system should work normally and stably, The quality of each component is also closely related to the structure of the harness on the vehicle. How to select the components?


The automobile harness mainly includes wires, terminals, connectors, seals and other components. The selection methods and functions of each component are as follows:

1、 Selection of wires

The color of wires can be divided into monochrome wires and two-color wires. The use of color is also specified, which is generally the standard set by automobile manufacturers. Our industry standard only stipulates the main color, for example, it stipulates that single black is used for grounding wire and red is used for power wire, which cannot be confused. The types of wires commonly used in automobile wire harness include Japanese standard, national standard, German standard, American standard and other series.

  • The Japanese standard wire is characterized by thin insulation, soft and good ductility.

  • The national standard wire is characterized by thick insulation, soft and good ductility.

  • German standard wire insulation is thinner and flexible.

  • The insulation skin of American standard wire is generally thermoplastic or thermosetting elastomer, and it is also processed by irradiation process.

2 Sealing ring: an element, usually made of silica gel. The groove and terminal of the plasticizer are isolated from the external environment.

3、 Sealing plug: an element made of rubber, which is used to seal and protect the wire harness, or to plug the socket on the sheath without inserting a wire, and plays a sealing role.

4、 Rubber parts are generally used for automobile wire harness through holes to play the role of wear resistance, waterproof, sealing, etc. They are mainly distributed in the following parts: the interface between the engine and the cab, the interface between the front compartment and the cab, the interface between the four doors and the compartment, and the inlet of the fuel tank.