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Voltage withstand test of electronic harness

2023-01-05 14:26:31 美工

The withstand voltage test of electronic harness is mainly to ensure that no leakage occurs when the current passes through the equipment, and what is the maximum current that the electronic harness can withstand. It can be seen that it is necessary and important for the wire harness processing factory to conduct the withstand voltage test. The wire rod factory needs not only advanced testing equipment and testing fixture, but also regular training and assessment for testing personnel. The basic requirements for the withstand voltage test of electronic wire harness are briefly introduced below.

The basic operation of voltage withstand test for electronic harness is as follows:

1、 Preparation before operation:

  • Check whether the grounding of ground wire terminal is in good condition.

  • The inspector plugs in the power and presses the power switch.

2、 Operation steps:

  • Hang the red output terminal of the voltmeter in the air.

  • Press the start button, press the leakage current preset switch, select the leakage current range, and the leakage current value is 5mA.

  • Turn on the timer switch and set the time to 5.

  • Rotate the high-voltage regulating disc, and set the test voltage value to the specified value.

  • Before the test, check the fixture with the red and black stylus contact points. When the instrument gives an alarm, it indicates that the instrument is normal.

In electronic harness and cable assembly accessories or vehicle harness, inspection and test can ensure excellent protective measures for the middle of each part of the power supply and circuit, and ensure that the safety factor of all power supplies and circuits is increased and the product quality is guaranteed.