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Robot harness

2023-01-06 14:03:05 美工

With the continuous introduction of industrial robots and service robots, there is an increasing demand for wire harnesses. Wire harnesses are like blood vessels and nerves of robots. The market demand is growing, the quality requirements are getting higher and higher, and the industrial requirements are getting more and more complex. In the process of designing the harness, robot engineers will encounter problems such as the mismatch between the terminal and the wire designed according to the theoretical current, whether the wire material conforms to the combustion test, etc., so the structure of the wire and UL test will be explained in detail below.


1、 Wire insulator

1. Characteristics of insulation material: withstand voltage, temperature resistance, insulation, low softness, wear resistance.

2. Materials: PVC, PE, PP

3. Characteristics: PVC: excellent flame resistance and ozone resistance

                              PE: poor flame resistance, low temperature resistance, softness and wear resistance, electrical characteristics, moisture                                      resistance, acid resistance

                              PP: In addition to low softness and poor wear resistance, it is a little painful and has good elasticity.

4. OD: The size of OD affects the electric endurance strength and capacitance. Generally, OD is related to UL&CSA number, and the selection is based on the insulation performance.

2、 Flame resistance test

1. There are four basic test methods for flame resistance test of plastics:

1) Horizontal combustion test method with material classification of 94HB;

2) Vertical combustion test method for materials classified as 94V-0, 94V-1 and 94V-2;

3) Vertical combustion test method with material classification of 94-5V;

4) For the vertical combustion test method with materials classified as 94VTM-0, 94VTM-1 or 94VTM-2, the most common wire harness processing plants are 94V-0, 94V-1 and 94V-2. The main judgment elements are:

  • Whether the flame spreads (if not, qualified)

  • Whether the self ignition time exceeds the specified value (if<60s, qualified)

  • Whether there is burning matter dripping (if there is no dripping, it is qualified)