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Development Trend of New Energy Vehicle Harness

2023-01-06 14:14:50 美工

We know that low-voltage wire harness is a labor-intensive industry, 70% of which is manufactured manually, and is closely bound with vehicle manufacturers, with obvious regional differences. The wire harness of new energy passenger vehicles is worth about 5000 yuan per vehicle, including about 2500 yuan for high-voltage wire harness. The value of high-voltage cables and high-voltage connectors accounts for nearly half of the total value. It is a pure incremental market growing with the growth of new energy vehicles, with the new market exceeding 10 billion and growing rapidly.


The low-voltage harness of new energy vehicles is not very different from that of traditional vehicles. The disappearance of the engine reduces the engine harness. The main difference is the emergence of high-voltage harness, power battery, the application of electric motor drive, and the electronic application of other parts such as on-board charger and compressor, which brings a new harness system on the 600 volt high-voltage architecture.

1. Low voltage harness improves automation level and gross profit margin

The automobile low-voltage harness has its own characteristics with large differences among models. 70% of the manual production results in low gross profit rate and production efficiency. The future development direction is to seek the standardization part in customization, as well as the process of cable pretreatment and pre assembly, so as to continuously improve the automation level, efficiency and gross profit rate.

2. Attempt to centralize high-voltage wire harness to wire harness factory on a large scale and reduce weight

At present, there are many and miscellaneous manufacturers of high-voltage wire harness. Wire harness manufacturers and component manufacturers are involved in small batch production. The future development direction is to concentrate on wire harness manufacturers after large-scale effect, which will improve the gross profit and quality of products.

The lightweight of wire harness is also a direction that major car manufacturers are trying to achieve at present. The main weight of wire harness is the copper material of cable. How to reasonably select the cable application and the application of aluminum wire is one of the topics of future lightweight.

3. Systematic development of high-voltage connectors to enhance competitiveness

Only Tyco Electronic High Voltage Connector has invested early in the research and development of foreign manufacturers, and the products have formed a system, but localization is still in progress, and the price is expensive: domestic manufacturers used high-voltage and large current connectors in other industries to apply to cars at the beginning of the new energy auto show, quickly seizing the market and taking the lead. The next step is to gradually make high-voltage connectors of new energy vehicles into a complete product series, from small current to large current, From single needle to multiple needles, and from right angle to 90 degree connection, all kinds of product lines are complete. On the one hand, they improve their competitiveness, on the other hand, they strengthen the binding relationship with vehicle manufacturers.

4. The development of high-voltage silicone rubber cable makes up the gap in technology and production capacity

High pressure silicone rubber cable is the development direction of new energy vehicles. On the one hand, due to the convenience of vehicle body wiring, on the other hand, due to the safety of high temperature resistance, foreign manufacturers do not have production lines in China at present. Automobile silicone lines are imported, with long lead time and high price. Domestic manufacturers are stepping up development to fill the gap in technology and capacity. Foreign manufacturers are also making localization action, and the subsequent competition will be more intense.