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What are the standards for automobile wire rod processing

2023-01-06 14:17:08 美工

The quality of automobile wire rods has always been a key point to control the whole vehicle. We usually strictly monitor the quality of wire harnesses in the production stage and the factory test stage, in which the wire rod test is particularly important.


During the production and processing of automobile wire rod and wire rod, in order to protect the connection and avoid short circuit or oxidation between wires, it is necessary to insulate the wire rod. Generally, we follow the following standards when operating:

1. Selection of heat shrinkable sleeve: Sumitomo, Hitachi, Wall, etc. are commonly used.

2. The insulation surface shall not have any protrusion.

3. The ratio of heat shrinkable sleeve length A: B is 1:1, and the minimum shrinkage part is at least 3mm.

4. Fingers cannot move in the retracted state.

5. The wire shall not be damaged by heat.

In addition to the above standards to control the insulation treatment of wire rods, wire rods shall be tested again with wire tester when they leave the factory, including low voltage conduction test, wire insulation test, wire withstand voltage test, etc.

The insulation test is carried out after the wire has passed the low-voltage continuity test. During the wire insulation test, the wire tester is used to apply a certain high voltage to the cable to be tested, and the rest of the cables are connected to the ground wire. The harness test measures the current between the cables. If the current exceeds the current value set by the user, the cable is considered unqualified.

When the current value set by the user is satisfied, measure the insulation resistance value at this time, and display the judgment result on the wire material tester in the form of a clear message of "pass" or "fail".