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How to prolong the service life of wire rod

2023-01-06 14:19:05 美工

As an important component of the power system, the wire must be regularly inspected and maintained during use, which can ensure our daily electricity safety and prolong the service life of the wire. Here are the precautions in the daily use of the wire.


1. External invasion

If the wire is laid in areas with strong acid and alkali properties, it will usually lead to corrosion of the wire. The thickness of the protective layer is eroded by organic chemical or electrolytic methods for a long time, resulting in invalid thickness of the protective layer, reduced insulation layer, and wire failure. Therefore, before laying the wire, it is necessary to analyze the local soil quality.

2. Natural weather

During the installation of wire rods, try to avoid exposure to the sun or heavy rain, because the wire rods will lead to accelerated embrittlement of the sheath and reduce the service life of the wire rods.

3. Suitable temperature

The external natural environment where the cable is located is too high and the heat source will also lead to excessive temperature of the wire, thermal breakdown of the insulation layer, and explosion and ignition.

4. Overload operation

The wire shall not be overloaded. This is because of the thermal effect of the current. The load electric flow will certainly cause the electric conductor to burn. In addition, the skin effect of the charge, the eddy current loss of the steel armor, and the dielectric loss of the insulation layer will also generate additional heat, which will cause the wire temperature to rise. During long-term overload operation, excessive temperature will accelerate the embrittlement of the insulation layer, resulting in thermal breakdown of the insulation layer.

The cable is one of the most important elements of the wire system at present. In our daily application, we need to check and repair at any time and take some defensive measures in advance, which can extend the service life of the wire.