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pipe cutting machine factory

2021-07-09 09:03:25

KingSing The first enterprise in the production of wire and cable processing equipment in China,Have a professional product design team and Professional after sales service team。24 hours online service for you,We focus on production and saleswire stripping machine, terminal crimping machine, terminal tool, terminal tools machine, terminal machine, wire harness terminal machine, cable terminal crimper, cable crimping machine, fully automatic crimping machines, cable interface crimping machine, wire harness processing equipment.




The first large flare of the current solar cycle has erupted from the sun.The solar flare happened at sunspot AR2838 at 10:29 a.m. ET on July 3, according to the US Space Weather Prediction Center.Researchers at the center measure the intensities of solar flares on a scale, with A-class flares being the smallest and X-class flares being the largest. The scientists classified the July 3 flare as an X1, which is the largest category of solar flares.Solar flares are large eruptions of radiation on the surface of the sun, said Bill Murtagh, program coordinator at the US SWPC."We're talking the energy equivalent of millions of 100-megaton hydrogen bombs exploding at the same time," Murtagh said.Such a huge release of energy can be felt here on Earth, 93 million miles away, he noted.