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automatic mask packing machine

2021-07-09 09:03:25

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Full-throated they belt out songs of victory, their boots adding the drumbeat as ranks of new recruits jog in formation through their jungle training camp.There's no doubting the shining eyes of these young people united by an ideal -- freedom from the junta that's smothered democracy in Myanmar.Nor, perhaps, hiding from the dark tragedy that may await them.They pour into Camp Victoria, the headquarters of the long-standing ethnic army of the Chin National Front (CNF) in western Myanmar, close to India's border. They defy attempts by the camp's leadership to suspend training because of the Covid-19 pandemic.As bombs rain down on Myanmar's hotbeds of rural resistance, tens of thousands flee to the jungle without food or waterAs bombs rain down on Myanmar's hotbeds of rural resistance, tens of thousands flee to the jungle without food or waterMany come from within the surrounding mountainous territory. But many others make the dangerous journey across a nation that's already riven with protests, army violence and oppression -- in search of military skills.On the cusp of adulthood, these volunteers say they demonstrated against the military coup that swept away their civilian government in February. And as the junta's response has grown increasingly bloody, so they have taken up arms.But any hope of singing songs of actual victory anytime soon are remote. Their leadership is warning of a long fight."Now it's a kind of an urban guerrilla-type (conflict) but within months it will transform into a conventional civil war," Suikhar, vice chairman of the CNF, tells CNN.