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label cutting

2021-07-12 16:09:59

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Speedmaster XL 106-D with just one die-cutting unit makes it easier for customers to move into IML productionAnother part of the IML Performance Package is the Speedmaster XL 106-D rotary die cutter, which now has only one die-cutting unit. Lower investment costs compared with the previous version means it is easier for print shops to move into the growing in-mould label production segment. The new die cutter requires less space and has a lower power consumption than the Speedmaster XL 106-DD. It is ideal for die-cutting large and nested label shapes. Thanks to its rotary die-cutting principle, the Speedmaster XL 106-D operates at two or three times the speed of flat-bed die cutters. The high precision resulting from the even cylinder surface and evenly cutting die eliminates the makeready required due to differences in level when using the flat-bed process. This time-consuming step is not necessary and minimizes the setup time. The printing pressure can be adjusted in increments of just one micron on the Speedmaster XL 106-D. Corrections are possible both parallel and diagonal to the cylinder axis. This fine adjustment makes Heidelberg rotary die cutters perfect for in-mould label production on material just 50 microns thick.