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automatic wire crimping tool

2021-07-19 17:12:08

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automatic wire crimping toolautomatic wire crimping toolautomatic wire crimping toolautomatic wire crimping tool,With the peak of hurricane season less than two months away, many Puerto Ricans are concerned about the stability of the island’s electric grid -- a problem-plagued system that left millions without power during Hurricane Maria. After suffering multiple natural disasters in recent years including two hurricanes and thousands of earthquakes, the island’s already troubled electric system has been left damaged, leading to the grid becoming unstable. “We all have to keep in mind that we have a very fragile electrical grid,” the island's governor, Pedro Pierluisi, told ABC News. Some residents are also concerned about the company that is now running the electric distribution system, LUMA Energy. LUMA took over the island’s transmission and distribution system on June 1 -- the same day hurricane season started. The system was previously managed by the governmental entity called Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (PREPA), which still manages electric generation. Pierluisi blamed the current problems with the electric system on PREPA for not maintaining the grid. “PREPA was not giving adequate maintenance to substations, to the electrical poles, electrical lines and Luma inherited that,” he told ABC News. The privatization of the country's electric grid was announced three years ago by former Gov. Ricardo Rosello. LUMA’s contract with the government was announced during his successor, Wanda Vazquez's administration, but Pierluisi supported it once he took office in January 2021. While blackouts and power outages weren't infrequent in some areas of Puerto Rico before LUMA, some residents say conditions have worsened since the new company has been in control. Sylvia Giansante, a resident in San Juan, said "power outages were not frequent," but that changed in the last month. But "ever since last month," she said, "the power goes out every two days." Giansante said she has three damaged air conditioning units due to the unstable power system and the frequent blackouts. In the last month, Puerto Rico has seen multiple power outages and a major blackout caused by an explosion in one of the island’s electric substations. The Monacillo substation, where the explosion occurred, is located in San Juan and is run by LUMA Energy. Aside from these incidents, thousands on the island have reported ongoing power outages in that time, with some lasting a couple of hours and others up to days.“The week of the explosion, we were without power for five days,” Giansante said. A local police report said the substation explosion was due to a failure in the electric system. After rumors circulated that the explosion could have been intentionally set, federal authorities responded to the incident. The FBI said in a statement to ABC News that their position is “one of support in assessing the events and related circumstances to determine if it was the result of an accident or of a criminal act.” While the FBI’s spokesperson didn’t confirm an investigation they say “the people of Puerto Rico can rest assured that, should evidence of criminal action under our jurisdiction be found, we would pursue it to its fullest extent.” Many residents in the island have been against LUMA’s takeover since the beginning of the transition process. They oppose the terms of the contract with the government and some are against privatizing the essential service. Dozens of protests have been reported across the island demanding the cancellation of the contract between Puerto Rico’s government and the company.