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automatic wire processing system

2021-07-19 17:12:08

KingSing The first enterprise in the production of wire and cable processing equipment in China,Have a professional product design team and Professional after sales service team。24 hours online service for you,We focus on production and saleswire stripping machine, terminal crimping machine, terminal tool, terminal tools machine, terminal machine, wire harness terminal machine, cable terminal crimper, cable crimping machine, fully automatic crimping machines, cable interface crimping machine, wire harness processing equipment.




automatic wire processing systemautomatic wire processing systemautomatic wire processing systemautomatic wire processing system,CTU Security billed itself as a kind of one-stop shop for providing security to VIPs, training in using handguns and rifles, and access to military-style equipment, including armored vehicles and bomb disposal suits. Its name — an acronym for Counter Terrorist Unit — suggested the company, which is based in the Miami suburb of Doral, Fla., could bring elite-level competence to any situation. Now, the company has been linked to the assassination of Haitian President Jovenel Mo?se. The head of Haiti's National Police has singled out Antonio Intriago, the founder of CTU Security, as a focus of the agency's investigation. And the director of Colombian National Police said at a press conference that Colombians who took part in the assassination were paid by CTU. Haiti's acting prime minister, Claude Joseph, said in an interview with NPR's Weekend Edition that investigators have been following "a huge plot" involving "a lot of money." Still, the few details of the plot that have emerged raise questions about just how well-prepared or funded the suspected assassins may have been.