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resistor cutting bending machine price

2021-08-27 13:33:36

kingsing Preferential activities

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terminal crimping machine

resistor cutting bending machine priceresistor cutting bending machine priceresistor cutting bending machine priceresistor cutting bending machine price,Biden never considered changing Aug. 31 deadline for withdrawal of all US forces, White House saysAt no point Thursday did President Joe Biden consider keeping any US forces in Afghanistan past the Aug. 31 deadline, despite the deadly attacks near the Kabul airport, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said.Responding to a question from CNN’s Kaitlan Collins, Psaki said the President still believes all US forces should be out by the end of the month because that is what his military commanders are advising will be best for the US in the short and long term.“The President relies on the advice of his military commanders and they continue to believe that it is essential to get out by the 31st. That is their advice,” Psaki said.“There are several reasons for that. One is the ongoing threats and the second that that we want to be able to have the ability to get individuals out who have been partners of ours after the 31st and they believe the best way to do that is to stay on that timeline at this point in time,” she added.Psaki would not say whether the White House still anticipates the mass-evacuation flights that US and coalition forces have been carrying out will end before Aug. 31.“I'm not gonna get into an operational timeline of when the last evacuation flight will be and I don't expect the Department of Defense will do that either. We will let you know, as we have twice a day, as we have updated numbers,” she said.Asked if there is an alternative plan being discussed on how to get people seeking to leave Afghanistan to the Kabul airport given it’s potentially dangerous to be waiting near the gates right now, Psaki said that there are “a range of operations and operational approaches that our commanders and military on the ground have been utilizing over the course of several days.” “I’m not gonna outline those from here, but that is why they're in touch with American citizens, why they’re in touch with partners we’re working to evacuate to get them safely to the airport and evacuated at the appropriate time,” Psaki said.